Teen Couple 100 Baby Challenge


– Create a teen couple in CAS

– Move with your teen couple to any property. Of course you can also use custom houses.

– You can use the cheat freerealestate for the move-in.

– Buy something in buy mode with which you can earn money for example an easel to draw pictures so that you can sell them.

– Set your household money to 0. In the Cheat Bar, enter Testingcheats true and then Money 0.

– The aging range should be set to Normal.

– To get pregnant, I recommend my Teen Pregnancy Mod


– Your teen couple can not accept jobs until they are a young adult.

– No cheats or mods may be used. (UI Cheats Extension Mod is also not allowed) exception is Teen Pregnancy Mod.

– Your Sims are not allowed to flirt with other Sims or have a child with them.

– If your teen sim is pregnant and has given birth, it will need to get pregnant again.

– Your Sims are not allowed to go on vacation or leave the current world.

– Only the babysitting service is allowed if your Sims can afford it 😉

– If you got the second child you can let the first child age up.

– Toddlers may only be aged if they have completed 3 skills .

– Children may only be aged if they have completed the grade A and 2 new skills.

– If your child is a teenager, it may not move unless it has a boyfriend and is pregnant.

– Your Sims are only allowed to marry when they are adults.

– Your household may move during the Challenge but not in another world.

The challenge ends when the 100 babies are born.

The challenge has failed if you violate the rules or the 100 babies are not born.

It is not recommended to play the challenge in San Myshuno because you have to pay rent there.

Have fun! 🙂

If you are on Twitter use the hashtag #Teen100BabyChallenge

I would like to see some pictures 🙂