Here is a small mod that allows you to play all freelancer careers with teenagers. The teens can go to school as normal and can have a freelancer career at the same time.

09/06/2019 Patch Update

Update Notes

Teenagers can useย  Check For Gigs on the computer, but nothing will happen. You have to use Check For Gigs in the Performance Bar to get it working.

Last Exception

If you don’t own the Moshino Stuff Pack you will get an Last Exception.

Don’t worry the mod is not broken ๐Ÿ™‚



Remove the outdated mod from your mod folder and download again.

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16 Replies to “All Freelancer Careers For Teens”

  1. This mod is great, except for one thing…whenever I quit the game, and later start it again, the teen’s Freelancer job completely disappears, and he/she has to rejoin it. I don’t know if this resets progress or not. :-/

        1. It could be a mod that is similar to my mod or has anything to do with the freelancer careers.
          I think it’s broken by the moschino stuff pack because the sims dev added some changes to the freelancer careers.

          1. Ah, okay. I don’t have anything like that, so it might be the patch (was it working before then?). Thanks for the info.

  2. Hi MSQSims, I also have the same problem. Got Moschino stuff pack installed as well. No other mods that alter carreers, so it could mean that its the Moschino stuff changes that cause your mod to stop working.
    I noticed it when I restart the game or go into CAS, the selected job just disappears.

          1. Hi MSQSIMS, I tried the new version out and removed all of my mods to test it. But it seems to have the same problems as I had before.
            When I enter the CAS or leave the game, the job still disappears.

          2. Hi I have no idea what it is it could be a bug or you have a mod in your folder that conflict with mine.
            I’ve played my mod a few sim days and it works fine for me.

            But I’m sure it’s a bug by EA i can do nothing about that

          3. I don’t know what it could be. I’ve tried it without any other mods. That was the only one in the mod folder when I last posted.
            Maybe I should try a new save.

          4. I saw S4S updated recently. Thanks for updating it!

            Too bad there’s going to be another patch tomorrow, though, so I have to wait and see if it works for me at all! X-D

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